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Rail Travelling Fillet

Rail Travelling Rail Guide

CS-71WO Butt Multi-Layers Welder for Pipe and Vessel


Detail Info

1. It is a butt multi-layers welder for the outer side of pipe and vessel, and the diameter should be more than 2000mm. 

2. The welder drives on the wheels with the guide rollers moving on the flexible rail, and it is controlled by the panel controller and the remote controller. 

3. The stop sensors of its both sides stop the welder automatically when a welding job is completed. 

4. Min. above 3 meter bending raidius of the rail and easy to in-line by Magnet On-Off switch. 

5. It drives at a constant speed with the minimized gear backlash. Thus the high welding quality and the long life span of the welder is acquired. 

6. Controlling the weaving width, the desired leg length can be acquired in 1 time travelling. 

7. Using magnet release handle, it can be easily mounted and dismounted. 

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