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Rail Travelling Fillet

Rail Travelling Rail Mounted

CS-SAW S.A.W Welder


Detail Info

1. It is a rail travelling welder with the Rack & Pinion driving method. 

2. The welder is compact and lightweight, so it can be moved easily and conveniently. 

3. Productivity can be improved and welding cost can be reduced in flat position SAW welding work. 

4. A weaving device is installed so that even thick base materials can be welded, and the weaving width can be adjusted according to the thickness. 

5. There is a left and right stop function to prevent insufficient penetration and undercut during weaving welding 

6. It is possible to do precise control digitally such as running speed, weaving width, weaving speed, left stop, right stop and etc. 

7. Using the lightweight rail with magswitch, the welder can be conveniently moved and easily installed. 

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