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Fillet Carriage

Railless Fillet Wall Traveling

CS-41 Wall Travelling Fillet Stitch and Continuous Welder


Detail Info

1. It is a wall travelling fillet welder for I and H Beam, and the Beam height should be more than 120mm. 

2. It is a fillet welder with stitch function. 

3. It drives at a constant speed with the minimized gear backlash. Thus the high welding quality and the long life span of the welder is acquired. 

4. The stop sensors of its both sides stop the welder automatically when a welding job is completed. 

5. The crater filling function provides excellent welding quality at the beginning and end of welding. 

6. It is small and light, so it can be conveniently used and easily moved. 

7. Stitch, Continuous welds and the travel speed in Cm/Min or Inch/Min programmable in acc with the user manual. 

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