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Fillet Carriage

Railless Fillet Special

CS-471 Fillet Multi-Pass Welder


Detail Info

1. It is specialized in fillet multi-pass welding. Adjusting the angle slide of worm gears and the Y slide of forward and backward movement, the position of the torch can be set. 

2. Using a single machine, both of 2 welding ( upper/lower ) parts can be welded. 

3. The multi-pass welding is done when a bigger weld throat is needed. 

4. It can climb up to 75° of inclination, and the stop sensors of its both sides stop the welder automatically when a welding job is completed. 

5. The crater filling function provides excellent welding quality at the beginning and end of welding. 

6. Using magnet release handle, it can be easily mounted and dismounted. 

7. The travel speed in Cm/Min or Inch/Min programmable in acc with the User Manual. 

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