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Fillet Carriage

Railless Fillet 2 Torch Fillet

CS-81 U-Rib Fillet Welder


Detail Info

1. It is a dual side fillet welder of U-Rib. 

2. The single or dual side welding is selectable, and the arm height of the welder is adjustable according to the size of U-Rib. 

3. The additionally equipped tension slide makes the welding tracing constant and the high welding quality. 

4. While the welder travels on the U-Rib, the guide rollers of the tension slides move o the side plates and it makes the constant arc height in welding. 

5. It drives at a constant speed with the minimized gear backlash. Thus the high welding quality and the long life span of the welder is acquired. 

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